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    Boulder, Colorado
    Yoga Biomechanics and The Science of Stretching with Jules Mitchell
    March 3-5, 2017
    Asana meets biomechanics in this 3 day intensive led by Jules Mitchell. This course approaches asana through an orthopedic lens, exploring how musculoskeletal tissues respond and adapt to loads in asana. Learn introductory and continuing concepts in biomechanics, discuss the physiology and behavior of biological tissues, and examine potential neurological and chemical adaptations to movement practices. Use this knowledge to analyze common cues, popular buzzwords, and pervasive alignment instructions to improve accuracy and clarify ambiguous instructions. Jules delivers complex scientific concepts in an easy to understand and applicable way that will immediately impact the way you teach and practice yoga.
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    Inner Nectar ~ Soma Prana Vinyasa & the Art of Relaxation in Changing Times with Shiva Rea
    April 3, 2017
    Join the extraordinary Vinyasa Flow pioneer and movement alchemist Shiva Rea for this "Moonday" flowing approach to yin and restorative yoga through an immersion into Soma Prana Vinyasa. It is a soulful movement meditation to experience relaxation in flow. Together we'll experience three lunar namaskars in a sequence for natural flexibility as a flowing approach to taming stress in a changing world. Soma is connected to the inner waters, ojas (essence, vitality and amrita) as the sublime nectar of healing. This sublime 2-hour movement meditation includes the fluid lunar namaskars, slow flow peak asana sequence, ayurvedic self-massage, mudra, mantra and a guided healing savasana.